Friday, December 12, 2008

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Copy and paste to ur own journal, erase my ans, and add ur own.
Use the first letter of ur name to answer each of the questions.
*basically, tats all u hv to do..hehe..*

my name: Syieda
1.Four letters word: show
2.Boy name: syamil
3.Girl name: Syazira
4.Occupation: Singer
5.Colour: silver
6. Something u wear: shirt
7. Beverage: strawberry can?heheh
8. Food: sambal udang heheh
9. Place: Shopping complex can? heheh
10. Sumthg found in bathroom: soap
11. Reason for being late: some1 has hold me close and didnt let me go..hahax
12. Sumthg you shout: shut up!!
13. Font: Shruti
14. TV Show: Susuk
15. Song Title: sahabat

Now pass this stupid quiz to 10 ppl:
anyone can do dis =)

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