Monday, December 15, 2008

last day??

hello readers..

heyy whatssupp..heheh act nothing to post here but just wanna tell u guys dat it may be my last blogging if not today, mb tomorrow,or da day afta dat who noe...y?hurmm my house will not have internet connection..ohh mann soooo sad uh..but yah what can i do?but2 when i think back about it mb its good for me yah..as u noe next year i'll take SPM so i need to strungle on it and no more on9 ing..huhu i'm gonna miss my blog,ms,fs all da stuff dat i have laaa..and2 da most thing dat i'm gonna miss is AAO for sure :)i really2 gonna miss all aliffangels la..heyy i hope u guys miss me too..heheh craap!!oh yahh if have anything about AAO or aliff aziz plz sum1 dat have my num do tell me can??plz2..i beg u heheh i really appreacite dat if u can tell me :) so i think i end it here..daaa I LOVE U GUYS LOADS...alahaiii mood sedih nie huhu :(

kalo ade sumur diladang,
boley kita menumpang mandi,
kalo ada umo yg panjang,
boley kita berjumpa lagi...

psttt am i too poyo??..hahah whatever la ek..hehe

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