Friday, December 12, 2008

my best day

heyyloww2 peeps..

hahahu yeahh last nite on9 ing at AAO then go to da portal then see dat ALIFF WILL BE ON9 TO SETTLE blablabla.... at 11 p.m(haha sumthing like dat uh) heheh me just like omg!! aliff nak on9 so mmg excited sgt then my heartbeat become dupdapdupdap hahah tgn tiba2 terketar..tiba2 je terkena penyakit parkinson hahaha wth..so yah meriah abis AAO smalam and aliff settle all da prob..at 1st he have a prob to login and probs wif his internet connection..so i guess he must be stresss but2 relax la broo whatever it is i still support u keyh coz i still scream when i saw u hahax..and yeahh i think u rite as an artist u need some privacy and its ur life..just want u to noe dat I STILL SUPPORT U AND AAO aww..we aliffangel is here for u and we love u!!.. :) u just do da best,be da best and beat da rest okeyh...heheh k laa i think i stop here daaa..

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