Saturday, December 27, 2008

meet up wif syiqadayana group

hey you2..heheh eloww2

gahahaa mood giler ckit..k wanna blogging what was happen today..hmm im woke up ard 8++ after receiving a text from my frens she said to me "wei klu tak pakai baju kaler merah tak pa dak?me just like haa?agak mengong ckit ye laa baru bangun tido ngehehe..then i realised that i was late coz im going to buy sch books la today...haiyakk abihh cepat2 bangun then mandi..dress up then main jap ngan aleeshaa..haha after dat i took my breakfast which is mee +koey teow goreng its spicy seyh..hehe

ard 9++ im going to fetch my frenz wif moto gahahaa wpon tak de lesenn tapi kalo ada lesen da lama pegi sch tak yah nek bas huhuk..hmm k k skipskip then ard 10 sumthing arrived sch my frenz yg len da tunngu then syud g amik list buku check2 buku ape yg nak beli then g beli..my books cost rm54.80 haiyoo it expensive rite?gahahaa ape la yg aku beli tu kwn2 aku yg len beli tak sampai 50 pon pffft hahah..

after boungt dat book we have a chit chat then we took pic 2gether..its was a cool pic anw coz we wear same colour tshirt which is red or white...me syud and bob wearing white while chah and ina wearing red..cool ke ape..hahah but yahh i cant upload dat pic uhh my pc having a prob dohh grrr..

ard 10++ we went home..but not going home act but lepak ing at syud's house..hehe we play game etcetc hehehe then we laugh laugh and laugh gahahha..then ard 12 we went home..gahaha ini2 btol2 balik umah ok..coz ina gaduh lapaq..and syud too..and ME too hahah..lapaq dohh..so da conclusion is a had much2 happinest today meet up my frenz SYIQADAYANA GROUP ohh yeahh nice name rite?hahah pasan giler..butt da sad moment is i cant say goodbye to my niece aleesha..along going back todayy so sadd uhh tak puas lagik main ngan shaaa hhuhu shaaa mak cu kangan shaaa laa loadloadloadssszzaa..huhu..:( k la i think im gonna end my post here..its was a longlong post rite..gahahah ohh yahh just 1 week more for sch reopen i want 1 month more hol can?heheh yah i noe its CANTTTTT..has to accept it hurmm kk daaa all do tc yah.. :D

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