Monday, December 1, 2008

balik kg?? erkk

hellow readers..

wow today 1st dis uh..so faster eh jap je nak masuk 2009 then next year SPM..ohh mann i'm not ready for that..hmm k forget about dat for awhile hols kita hols abis2an yah..heheh k smalam on9 ing jap then got a call dat my tok wan was passed away..i'm just like ha!! what..tok wan meninggal so i have to off9..hurmm then we're going to visit my tok wan..act idk my feeling dat time coz i'm not so closed wif my tok wan and2 FYI its been for ages i did'nt go to my tok wan house..hmm if i;m not mistaken almost 5 year..5 year mann haha y?hehe adalaaa cannot tell here.But i think my dad have done his job and responsibility toward tok wan..yah lantak arr dorang tu nak ckp ape kan..who care cheyy hahak.. after dat we going to shahab perdana to sent my brudder and his wife dorang nak balik..we're going back ard 12 but before dat we went to food stall to eat..but just my dad coz his hungry hehe..

ohh yah btw i think i cant order dat shirt i mean aao tshirt..ohh mann i really want it but what can i do?huhu so sad maa..and i want to say sorry to NAJ coz i keep asking u dis and dat but i didnt buy it..sorry again..huhu :(

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