Monday, June 15, 2009

my birthday

hyee guys whuddupp?
hurmm whut day is today?
yahh i noe ok then whut date is it?
15 JUNE..
owhh k so whut day is today??
huh not laa today iss my BIRTHDAY(i noe its soo lame hahaha ;p)
so yeahh today is my birhday weee~im OFFICIALLY 17 now..
and im soo happy woohooo~alamak terover plak hahax..

so a million thanks to my frenz
who have give their wish to me..
much appreciate it
den ard 2++ i got a msg from fieyla
which i noe her at AAO..
she sent a birthday wish for me..
urghh its so sweet of u laa
even its such a long2 time we didnt msg-ing together hahax..
i didnt expect dat u still remember my birthday
so touching huhuhu..
k i dont noe whut else to blog about so i end up here..daa peeps do tc okey?;p

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