Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Hurt When....


It's hurt..really hurt actually when we always think about someone or some people but back then they do not remember about us.Or I can say friends.Well its always happen to me actually but i'm trying to think positive every time i face with this kind of "relationship".I've many experience with this situation.Maybe i'm not a good friend to em'.I thought i' ve found a true friend but maybe just me think that they are my good friend but as for them, i am not.*sigh*
Its sound pathetic aite?or maybe I'm too childish.Am I?
Arghhh i don't know.What I know is..Its hurt.Really-really hurt.A lots.

Dont know how to face with the awkward surrounding after this.

Nahhh I'm okay.Noo! I'm not okay actually.Just pretending to be okay infront of em'.I will smiling,giggling and laughing as usual. 

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