Sunday, March 28, 2010


wahh hyung jo0ng oppa gorgeousss
i loike..HAHA :D
ANNYONG HASEYO peepos?heee~
haiyaaa i'm really bored la..
doing nothing nowdays..
just on9-ing and watching korean movie..
bored enough huh?
dont noe what to updated about act
just to fill my time while waiting the movie buffering
gahhhs i hate buffering!

anywayy back to my last post..its about reunion aites?and yahh i did'nt went there..even me and bff went out on that day..well i felt a bit envy when i saw their pics at fb..ermm i did'nt recognize most of the boys kekeke..they looks diff meyh HAHA :D

naseb bek aku tak pegi kalo aku pegi mesti dorang tak knl aku..ermm ye la dulu aku bkn slalu get along dgn dorang and aku nie jenis low profile ckit..kemarin jumpa la 2 org member lama tp dorang tak knl aku padahal 1 kelas weyh!sedey gak la tapi nak wat cam na..ku terima dgn redha..eventhough fatin bkn kelas tu tp dorang knl lak..duhhh sedey2 huhuhu.

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