Monday, January 25, 2010

looking for

hellow2 peeps..hows doin?hope gud huhu..erm got a call from akak IBSB and she told me dat JPJ test is on dis thursday so cant go to comp claz *sigh*but its ok coz got frenz there heee~

eh i was searching for their album but didnt found it yet just found their concert 1 but idw dat.any1 noe where to find their album?gahhhs i really2 into them now.yes i noe i can listening their song at utube but i want their album..*sigh again* ;p

KIM HYUNG JUN-chenta baru berputik bhahahah
nama nak dkt ngan kim hyun joong tapi muka dia jambu ckit heheh..

PARK JUNGMIN-not bad comell gak
mungkin chenta akan berputik nnt ekekek ;P

k dah2 mepeks sudaa aku mlm2 nie huahua..nie kes bosan tahap gaban ah nie..huhuhu -__-

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