Thursday, May 28, 2009

OK ker KO




huhh hmmm huhh..*mengeluh dgn pnjgnya*
see d 3 subject above there..
i think im gonna failed d 3 of dat..
huhuhu idk but my instinct tell me dat..it is gonna happen?
owhh no! i hope not coz idw to failed any subject for dis exam..goshhh

so today i got acc paper but just paper 1..
and i just got ** heee~ shyhh secret mehh cannot tell..
and den cikgu mazni told us dat our class's result IS d most worse among d 3 class dat she teach.OMG!
yurp i noe but i think she cannot blame us la coz last year 4 teachers teach us for acc..
d 2 of d teachers is practical's teacher.1st practical's was ok but d 2nd 1 was like huh all of us become very d blurr
(heee~bagusnye bi aku nie ;p)
so just few of us jer yg dpt catch up huhhhh*sigh again*

hmm k about MATH and EA thingy plak idk why..
but for math seriously i dont like math damn much hahaha sucks!
den for ea plak hurmm idk too ehh any1 dat take ea den u score can tell me whuts ur secret?dushhh baik la sgt kan hahaha..
k la dk whut to blogging so till den see yahh daaa

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