Friday, May 29, 2009

new skin LOL!

hellow2 earthlings..how's doin?hee~
see i've change my skin but i miss my old skin huhuh..
den i tried to find it back but i didnt found it uh huhu so sad meh..
but just now i've found dat skin but it a bit diff
so i'm gonna use dis skin mb just for awhile
eh u noe whut i'm not so into wif pink colour but idk why i always pick pink colour for my blogskin
hurmm weird izzit?ngeee~
nahh idw to think about dat so much
so if i getting bored wif dis skin i will change it again LOL..
coz now i'm lazy to edited all d stuff ngee~

ok whut to blogging ya?hmm today nothing best happen so i end up here daaa peeps ;p

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