Tuesday, April 14, 2009

miss aleesha damn much

holaa holaa ya alohaa ppl!heee sorry coz didnt update for a few days nie..
so bz la..
i just finished my 2nd test..and i think dis time my result is getting worst and i just can say its DISASTER ok..
huhuhu abis aku..
k just forget bout da test and lets talk about my niece..heee~

eh2 FYI i got 1 more niece like whut im said in my last post aite..
so yeahh my sista have give birth last nite ard 11p.m. sumthin
heeeeeeeee~im sosososo excited :D
and now im waiting for them..
haishhh mana pegi pun tak to la tak balik2 lagi dari tadi..ku da tak sabar seyh nak tgk si baby tuh..k sabar2..hee~

eh i miss Aleesha like hell ok..i really miss her damn much...
so i wanna upload aleesha's pics dat i grab from along's facebook heee~
aleesha damn cute laa..
mcm anak cina pon ada..tak caya just look da pics below =)

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