Thursday, April 2, 2009

make my life =)

haiyoohh whut da suckerrr of dis blog and da connection haa!lambat giler huhu its really make me mad!arghhh tension2..pfftt!

hmm k2 just forget about dat..now my mom at my brudder's house at Shah Alam..go to see her new "CUCU"heheh but my dad didnt go..eh2 i wanna go too..wanna see AINA BATRISYA..haha yes2 my niece named AINA BATRISYA but i still confuse laa.. i dont noe her true name whether AINA BATRISYA or AINA NAJWA..hurmm but i think AINA BATRISYA hohoho..haishh when can i meet her?hurmm i dont noe la seyh and i dont have da ans..perhaps i can meet her soon..IM SOOO HAPPY :D *winkwink*

and2 maybe in a few days or week im gonna get 1 more "ANAK SEDARA"hahah its really make me very da happy hehe..im gonna have 3 "anak sedara" and all of them are girls..oohh yeahhh

ehh ok la peeps..gonna blogging later ok..daaa ppl do tc!

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