Thursday, August 13, 2009

trial trial trial

goshh i'm in love wif dat motorcycle la..huhuh mom can i have dat motorcycle afta i get my licence?heee i noe i cant but i really loveee dat la huhu..its look cute rite?

so today i got my trial schedule already..my trial is on 1/9..nahh its just around da conner.. tak sampai sebulan pon but im not doing my revision yet and yurp i noe it is not good..hurmm mb i gonna start to study on dis ramadhan..afta wake up for sahur den dont have to sleep back yah..i hope i can do dat..yes u can do it syieda hehe..

*checking my schedule*yes3 all my paper is before hari raya so i cant enjoy my raya day heee~

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