Monday, November 10, 2008

what da borink day

ok i'm sooo borink today..i'm woke up in the morning then follow my mom went to nat which is like morning market laaa..buy some stuff and i buy a new blouse ngeee cantik uh..k k i buy new clothes si mek nurin tu pon nak jugek sebok jerk.. then my mom buy for her uh..then we go home la..mkn then baru la kemas umah heheh..abis kemas umah masuk dlm bilik then snap pic hahah yah dats what i'm doin when i'm too borink or i become SS yah my mom call me wif dats name SS or syok sendiri perghh ade ke patut ishh i'm not SS la but sumtimes mb hehe..kay ar stop here..blogging later on daaa..

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