Thursday, October 30, 2008

yeahhh exam is over!!

hellow mellow guys..

gahhh today is last paper uh..PSK and EA..PSK is quite easy buttt EA OMG i think i'm gonna failed hehe..i'm death..u noe what EA paper 2 i just got shyyhh secret uh..then when it + with paper 1..ohhh NO!!..hmm act i'm not very well today..agak demam+flu but exam kan kena gak la g skool..and2 ari nie da anta buku teks uh..hehe..

aduhh balik skola dpt bad2 news..arghhh ayah nak potong internet uh..OMG u noe what i can't life w/o on9..shhhh wth la kan..i'm gonna borink like da hell la kan da la nak cuti skola nie..huwaaa anybody can help me?huh of coz u can't rite?gahhh hate it..k k esok rancang nak g umah syud lepaking2 tgk cd heheh..k stop here..adioss

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